Friday, January 18, 2013

How to draw butterflies: Kids Art

Butterflies are our favorite! The other day CJ drew a page full of butterflies. She asked "Mommy do you want to learn how to draw butterfly, I can show you" I was amazed to see how she kept dots and drew the butterfly. CJ said her grandmother(my mommy) taught her how to draw the butterfly Rangoli. She is excited to show the step by step instructions on the blog.

All you need: paper, Pencil, markers/crayons

Over to CJ:

Steps Overview:

I was unable to take pictures of all the steps while she was drawing so I have made few pictures after that.
  1. Keep three dots in a horizontal row as shown. Then in the next line place a single dot aligned to the center dot in the previous line. In the next line keep three dots aligned to the first line
  2. Connect the dots in the vertical direction and draw a straight line
  3. Draw a inverted C loop as shown connecting the dots
  4. Draw one more inverted C as shown

  5. Draw the other half same way

  6. Draw antennae

  7. Draw patterns inside the butterfly as you wish

    Step by step instructions to draw a easy butterfly
Cj drawing lot of butterflies!

Bigger kids can draw without dots. By drawing two B's, one straight and other inverted as shown

Draw B

Inverted B

Draw Antennae


  1. Those are super cute! Your daughter did a great job.

  2. I love this step by step tutorial. What cute butterflies.

  3. lovely!!!....we used to draw like in a similar style

  4. Those butterflies are adorable. Wonderful to see kids learning to draw.

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty.