Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin Stem Hat

I made this pumpkin stem hat for my daughter. It can be a simple add-on to a Pumpkin Halloween costume.

Materials Used:
Green Felt, Brown Felt
Toilet Tissue Roll tube

Steps Overview:
Take a square shape green Felt sheet, I used 9" * 9"sheet. Fold the Felt sheet into Half in horizontal direction. Fold the Felt sheet again into Half in Vertical direction. Draw a Leaf sheep on the top square as shown below

Cut along the Outline. We will get a punch of leaves pattern as shown below

Cut the Toilet Tissue roll tube to a 2 inch length tube. Glue on Brown felt sheet to the tube as shown below.

Once the stem is ready, Glue on the stem to the center of the green felt leaves.

I made it as a girl's hat. So glued on the Leave Hat to a simple plain hairband. For a boyish hat, punch two wholes on the toilet tissue roll and the center of the leaves. Cut a piece of elastic that will be long enough to tie in one of the holes punched, wrap around the chin and tied into the other hole punched. String the cut elastic through the holes and tie securely.
BTB have a look at pumpkin Stem hat on Family crafts site.

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